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Who Is Going To Lead Atlanta’s Real Estate Market Recovery?

The latest reports are predicting that Generation X will be in the forefront of the housing markets recovery. The generation is substantially smaller than those that have came before and after them (i.e. Baby Boomers and Gen Y) in fact they represent the smallest generation on record, however experts believe it’s the most mobile group because they are fully in the midst of their careers and have the most need to accommodate growing families. Also their numbers have been enlarged by a steady immigration. Over all they’re the most optimistic about a new home purchase  with about 89 percent viewing this as a good time to get off the fence and buy a home.

On the other hand, Baby Boomers by contrast are more leery of the market and prefer to continue waiting for the market to get better; they are also delaying retirement which further results into decisions to delay downsizing into a smaller home.

Studies also show Gen Y will continue to delay home buying because opposite of Gen x they tend to be more concerned with cost efficiency and as a result they are opting to rent for some time before buying, which has spurred apartment market growth.

Overall Gen X conveys a more solid desire to move forward with purchasing and have knowledgeable opinions about the design features and what their new homes should include; also contrary to current building trends they desire larger homes and are more likely to go green.

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A Closer Look At (DPA) Down Payment Assistance Programs in Georgia

For many first time home buyers coming up with the money for down payment is often the largest hurdle they will face. Luckily, there is help available in the form of down payment assistance. Many states including Georgia have set up agencies to provide special programs to help potential 1st time buyers overcome the obstacles in buying their first home.

Many states offer outright cash grants for the down payment, while others will provide a low or zero interest loan to cover the down payment. Listed below are a few Georgia programs that provide down payment assistance.

The Georgia Dream Homeownership Programs

are available to eligible first time home buyers in counties throughout Georgia. Eligible borrowers may choose from these loan programs for assistance with down payment, and closing costs associated with purchasing a home. These second mortgage loans offer:

• No interest

• No monthly payments

• No payment due until home is sold, refinanced or no longer used as the borrower’s principal residence.

Standard, PEN, CHOICE and Communities of Opportunity borrowers will:

1) Have a total annual household income that does not exceed the Loan Income Limits for Down Payment Options on page three

2) Contribute a minimum of $500 of borrower funds to the purchase transaction  

STANDARD All eligible home buyers $5,000

PEN Eligible home buyers who are employed by entities that provide public protection (including the military), healthcare, or education. $7,500

CHOICE Eligible home buyers whose household includes an individual living with a disability Loan Amount Atlanta MSA Income Limit Statewide Income Limit $7,500 $30,000 and over

* $25,000 and over* $10,000 Less than $29,999 Less than $24,999

*Maximum income and sale price limits apply

 COMMUNITIES OF OPPORTUNITY (CO-OP) Eligible employees of local governments in participating Co-Op counties $7,500

GEORGIA DREAM REWARDS As a reward for higher credit scores and to encourage savings, eligible borrowers will:

1) Have a total annual household income that does not exceed the Georgia Dream First Mortgage Loan Financing Limits on page one

2) May retain cash assets up to the greater of $20,000 or 20% of the purchase price

3) Contribute a minimum of $1,000 of borrower funds to the purchase transaction.

$5,000 if sales price is $150,000 or less $7,500 if sales price is greater than $150,000


Affordable homes constructed under this special development program

$7,500 – $20,000


In addition to the down payment programs above, eligible participants in the Rental Assistance program may use the value of their voucher for a portion of a monthly home mortgage payment.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Apart of The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, the program is designed to assist local governments to purchase abandoned and foreclosed properties in attempt to help slow the decline of neighborhoods where housing values and conditions are deteriorating due to the presence of foreclosed homes.  To address the foreclosure problem, the NSP will purchase vacant foreclosed homes in targeted areas, make necessary repairs on the homes and sell the houses to eligible homebuyers.

Eligibility for NSP varies based on a multitude of family situations, including families as small as one person with an annual income of at least $25,100, to larger families with annual salaries of over $110,000. Any persons, regardless of employer (government employees eligible) who meet the criteria in the application, are eligible to apply for assistance through the NSP.

Federal First Time Home Buyer Grants

Besides the state programs, there are federal funds and grants available to first time home buyers in Georgia through the Homes and Communities program of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Every potential first time home buyer should investigate what they have to offer. First time home buyers should plan to spend the required time investigating to determine how many individual grants they may qualify for.

Local first time home buyer Grant programs:

Atlanta Consumer Mortgage Counseling Service Down Payment Assistance Program Grant (DPAP) (770) 455-1770
Charlton County Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) Down payment and Closing Cost Assistance (912) 496-2549
Clarke County Housing & Economic Leadership Partners Inc Direct Homeownership Assistance Program (706) 549-5200
Georgia Housing Yes Inc Helping Hands Program (GIFT) (678) 937-0432
Hall County Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP) (770) 297-1800
Multi Counties United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta IDA Program (IDA) (404) 527-354

Are you currently in the market for a home in the Atlanta Area and need A Real Estate Agent?  If so, please contact me!  I would love to assist you and share more information about these great programs, email me @

Fannie Mae Brings Down the Gautlet on borrowers who strategically default on their loans!

June 23, 2010

Fannie Mae Increases Penalties for Borrowers Who Walk Away

Seven-Year Lockout Policy for Strategic Defaulters

 WASHINGTON, DC — Fannie Mae (FNM/NYSE) announced today policy changes designed to encourage borrowers to work with their servicers and pursue alternatives to foreclosure. Defaulting borrowers who walk-away and had the capacity to pay or did not complete a workout alternative in good faith will be ineligible for a new Fannie Mae-backed mortgage loan for a period of seven years from the date of foreclosure. Borrowers who have extenuating circumstances may be eligible for new loan in a shorter timeframe.

“We’re taking these steps to highlight the importance of working with your servicer,” said Terence Edwards, executive vice president for credit portfolio management. “Walking away from a mortgage is bad for borrowers and bad for communities and our approach is meant to deter the disturbing trend toward strategic defaulting. On the flip side, borrowers facing hardship who make a good faith effort to resolve their situation with their servicer will preserve the option to be considered for a future Fannie Mae loan in a shorter period of time.”

Fannie Mae will also take legal action to recoup the outstanding mortgage debt from borrowers who strategically default on their loans in jurisdictions that allow for deficiency judgments. In an announcement next month, the company will be instructing its servicers to monitor delinquent loans facing foreclosure and put forth recommendations for cases that warrant the pursuit of deficiency judgments.

Troubled borrowers who work with their servicers, and provide information to help the servicer assess their situation, can be considered for foreclosure alternatives, such as a loan modification, a short sale, or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. A borrower with extenuating circumstances who works out one of these options with their servicer could be eligible for a new mortgage loan in three years and in as little as two years depending on the circumstances. These policy changes were announced in April, in Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2010-05.

*** Statistics show that 7 out of 10 people who were foreclosed on their home did not seek a real estate professional for assistance, I’m  here to service the Atlanta Area contact me at:   or simply send me a message on my blog.